Sexual Discipleship® E-Course Preview

Are you a Christian leader that feels ill-equipped to help people in areas related to sexuality? Have you wrestled with how to address such topics as singleness, sexual abuse, pornography, gender, sexual conflict, and dysfunction in marriage? Our inability to step into the most complicated and painful questions around sex will paralyze our efforts to share the love of Jesus and help others understand how to follow Him. This is why the Sexual Discipleship® course was created by Dr. Juli Slattery.

The Sexual Discipleship® e-course is a self-paced training program with twelve video lessons. Included with the course is a workbook that highlights key takeaways, questions for personal reflection (or potential group discussion), and follow-up resources. We hope you find this preview helpful in understanding how this course could benefit you and your ministry.

Course introduction by Dr. Juli Slattery.

Juli is a Christian psychologist and co-founder of the ministry Authentic Intimacy. She holds degrees in psychology from Wheaton College, Biola University, an MS from Florida Institute of Technology.

You can read Juli’s full bio here.

Part 1: Changing How We Think About Sexuality

This is the first module in part 1 of Changing How We Think About Sexuality. This module is called “Sexual Discipleship®” and addresses why a discipleship approach to sexual issues is a necessary change to effective ministry. To view the workbook pages that go with this module, click here.