What is the difference between Sexual Discipleship® and Authentic Intimacy?

Sexual Discipleship® is a ministry of Authentic Intimacy. Authentic Intimacy was established in 2012 to provide biblically-based, practical resources to help women and couples walk toward sexual integrity and intimacy with God. Sexual Discipleship® was established to provide training and resources to Christian vocational and lay leaders who want disciple others in understanding God’s heart for sexuality, what it means to walk with personal sexual integrity, and how to integrate our sexuality with the Great Commission.

Who is the Sexual Discipleship® membership geared toward?

A Sexual Discipleship® membership is for Christian vocational and lay leaders who have a passion for discipleship. Our heart is to gather those who want to be equipped in a gospel-centered approach to sexual issues within the Christian community.

We offer both individual and corporate memberships, providing access to the Sexual Discipleship® training course. The training course comes with certification to ensure that staff and volunteers have completed the online training. Membership includes many other benefits that support the ongoing training and growth of members.

Do you offer counseling, or can you refer me to a Christian counselor?
We believe Christian counseling is a powerful tool that God can use to help individuals and couples work through difficult times and find healing from past wounds. It’s hard work, but so worth the effort! While we don’t offer counseling or make referrals to specific counselors, please check out Focus on the Family and their network of Christian counselors. This is a great resource to help you find a counselor in your area.

Also, be sure to read Juli’s blog, How to Choose a Wise Counselor (en Español)


Can I see what is included in the Sexual Discipleship® membership?

Yes! We encourage you to join a live “Open House” to tour the site. It will give you a behind the scenes look at what the membership includes. To find out when the next Open House is, check our Events calendar, or contact us using the contact form. 

Can I gift a membership to a friend?


How do I request Juli to speak at an event?

We would love to help you bring Juli to your community. Find out more about our different event topics and send us a request HERE.

Is there a way to contact Juli directly?

Juli is not able to respond to individual requests or messages due to the large number of people who desire to talk with her one on one.

Because Juli does value meetings with others and investing in leaders, we do offer “Office Hours with Juli” through our Sexual Discipleship® membership. This is an opportunity for members to ask Juli questions and discuss issues around sexuality.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us through our contact form below.