Sexual Discipleship® for Leaders

What is Sexual Discipleship®®?

Sexual Discipleship® is an approach to sexuality that integrates all sexual conversations into the larger call to “make disciples.” Every area of sexual pain and confusion represents critical spiritual questions about God, His love, His redemption, and His power. By delegating topics of sexuality, we also delegate the opportunity to bring people to the Healer and Redeemer.

The goal of Sexual Discipleship® is the call to wholeness in Jesus Christ for every person who claims Him as Lord. We aim beyond symptom management and extinguishing sin; we want to grow into the fullness of what God designed for us as men and women made in His image.

Sexuality is not simply a problem to solve, but a territory to reclaim. While addressing specific issues is a needed aspect of discipleship, we must be united in our pursuit of wholeness rather than divided by our struggles.


  • Healing After #MeToo
    As you watch a flood of #MeToo tags come through your social media feed, what is your reaction? Maybe you feel sick to your stomach, need some time to let the grief wash over you, or experience a rush of anger. Me too. How does something that is so hidden and pervasive finally come to light after decades of colluding in silence? I celebrate that women (and men) who have been told to be quiet can finally speak their pain out loud.
  • Nashville Statement: When Christians Disagree About Sex
    The recent Nashville statement has brought conservative Christianity’s relationship with sexual issues front and center into the mainstream media. USA Today describes the Nashville statement this way, “A coalition of conservative evangelical leaders laid out their beliefs on human sexuality, including opposition to same-sex marriage and fluid gender identity, in a new doctrinal statement.”​​​
  • God Says Not To Judge… Right?
    Whenever I write a blog on a controversial sexual issue, I typically hear from people who remind me that God says not to judge other people. Whether I’m teaching about pornography, Fifty Shades of Grey, living together outside of marriage, divorce, or homosexuality, some people simply write off what I’ve said because they think I’m being judgmental. The “who are you to judge?” question has curtailed countless conversations (and even relationships). In fact, some pastors are nervous about teaching on sexuality because they don’t want the label “judgmental.”
  • Why I Care About Your Sex Life
    In case you haven’t heard, Fifty Shades of Grey was recently named the best-selling book of the decade. When I saw this come through my newsfeed, my first thought was, “Here we go again…” I’m quite certain that we will have another round of debates about the relative harm of erotica and whose place it is to judge someone else’s sex life. Part of me dreads these conversations, but another part of me is getting ready with great anticipation. Here’s why: A conversation about sex is never just about sex. It’s about longings, desires, wounds, and about what you ultimately believe will satisfy you.
  • Why We Must Be Surprised by the Healer
    This month I gave birth to my eighth book. Actually, it was a “co-labor” with my dear friend and mentor, Linda Dillow. When I use the word “labor,” I mean it. This book, Surprised by the Healer, was probably the most difficult that either of us has ever written. Healing . . . it’s a controversial topic. Does God still heal? Maybe you’ve felt the sting of someone promising healing only to be disappointed. To add insult to injury, maybe that same someone accused you of lacking faith or of a hidden sin “proven” by your continued illness or brokenness. If this is your story, I’m so sorry. Talk of healing has perhaps done more harm than help. We want to address that.

  • Importance of Sexual Discipleship®™
    For the past few years, I’ve been using this term “sexual discipleship™” to describe the passion behind the ministry Authentic Intimacy. I’ve noticed that when people hear me put those two words together, they are intrigued. Although you may have been discipled in your walk with Christ at some point, chances are, that discipleship never permeated questions about your sexuality.
  • How We Love Each Other
    I grew up in a family of six kids, all very close in age. My position as “number five” out of six is probably a huge part of why I became a psychologist. My earliest pictures are often of me in a playpen observing family life.As teenagers, my sisters and I became good friends. We stopped fighting and began to really appreciate one another. My father one day said to us, “When you girls get along and look out for each other, it helps me understand how God feels when His people love each other.”

  • Porn Affects You, Even if You Don’t Look At It
    Pornography has gotten a lot of attention today as news broke of Hugh Hefner’s death. Every life leaves a footprint—some larger than others. The founder of Playboy magazine has indeed left a legacy. Much of the world is celebrating the “sexual freedom” he introduced to our world. Instead, my heart grieves. I’ve seen the impact of pornography on men, women, and children. This type of “freedom” is really bondage.

  • Why We Don’t Experience Victory
    I recently spoke with a young woman who despises herself because of her continual struggle with lust and pornography. She’s tried to obey God and run away from sin only to find herself falling into it once again. I’ve met other women and men who feel similar discouragement in their marriage or on their healing journey. Why do followers of Jesus stay captive to sin? Why doesn’t God fix broken marriages and heal our wounded hearts? If it is for freedom that Christ came, why aren’t we free?
  • How to Choose a Wise Counselor
    All your own efforts and gumption, your prayers and advice-seeking, your reading and research—you’ve tried it all, and still your struggle persists. You’ve reached it: The point at which you know you need help. You need a counselor. Maybe a loved one has died suddenly. Or you and your spouse can’t communicate without hurtful words. Or perhaps memories and pain from the past seem to be seeping into your everyday life. Maybe your teenager won’t listen to a word you say. Or maybe you can’t stop binge eating. Here’s how to find wise guidance to help find your way.


  • When Sexual Abuse Happens At Church
    When sexual abuse happens in the church our leaders are (historically) more likely to defend the powerful than to protect the wounded. What can YOU do to change things? On this Java with Juli, Juli’s guest is Boz Tchividjian, a former child abuse prosecutor and the founder of GRACE (a Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment), an organization that educates and equips faith communities to correctly respond to sexual abuse disclosures. Grab your java and join the conversation!
  • Understanding Pornography Addiction
    He knows that porn is destroying our marriage… so why can’t he just stop looking? On this Java with Juli, Jonathan Daugherty sits down with Juli to help us understand what’s happening inside the heart of the person who is struggling with a sexual addiction. Grab your java and listen in to a conversation that will help you be more patient with the person in your life who is trapped in sexual sin—even if that person is you.
  • Women Struggle With Porn Too
    Do you think women don’t get addicted to porn? Think again. In this episode Juli’s guest shares candidly about how she became addicted to porn at the age of 13. She’ll share what to do if you’re struggling, as well as what you need to know about teen girls and porn. Pull up a chair and join us!
  • All You Need Is Jesus! …And Your Therapist
    When the words “Christian” and “counseling” are mentioned in the same sentence, there’s no shortage of opinions about whether or not Jesus Followers ought to need a bit of psychological help. While some will tell you to pray and read your Bible more, others will gladly refer you to their favorite therapist. Wondering what the right answer is? Grab your coffee and let’s talk! Whether you’re a skeptic, or you’ve got your counselor’s number on speed dial, join Juli, Hannah, and Yvette for rich conversation and bold truth on this Java with Juli.
  • Why God Created You to Be Sexual
    Most of us don’t ever wonder about the purpose of sex. It’s something we desire, something we do, and for some of us, something we avoid. But why did God create us to be sexual anyway? Today, Hannah turns the tables on Juli and asks her about why God designed us with the anatomy, the physiology, and the emotional drive to be sexually intimate with another person. Pull up a chair, grab your latte, and join us for Java with Juli!
  • How the Purity Movement Hurt Us
    “I always thought that if I did everything the way God told us to, then I would be blessed, I would be happy and I would have a good marriage. That was decidedly not the case.” Well-meaning parents and youth pastors promised marital bliss if you could only make it to the altar as a virgin. For many, the promise didn’t deliver. In this episode, Juli brings truth and compassion to the imperfect purity message of the 90s.
  • Pursuing Wholeness, Not Purity
    None of us is pure, but we can be whole. The imperfect packaging of the evangelical purity movement left many feeling confused and ashamed. Listen in as Dr. Juli Slattery shares a refreshing new approach to how we see our sexuality and how we’re all on a journey to become more like Jesus.
  • Counseling: When & Why You Should Go
    Marriage counseling sounds intimidating… and expensive. So why should you go? (Surely you can sort things out with a little help from a good book and more prayer, right?) On this Java with Juli, join Juli and her guests Greg & Erin Smalley to learn when, and why, it’s time to see a counselor.


  • Rethinking Sexuality Small Group Curriculum
    The small group curriculum is a digital download of the small group guide and seven online videos. You have the option of ordering:

    – The small group curriculum and videos only (no Rethinking Sexuality books).
    – The small group curriculum, videos, and 10 Rethinking Sexuality books. (With this option, you are paying for the books and receive the curriculum for free.)