Group Cohorts for SD Members

Learn and grow with other leaders who are also passionate about discipling others in the area of sexuality.

Sexual Discipleship® Course Cohorts are unique discussion groups for members going through the Sexual Discipleship® course at the same time. Here is what you can expect from joining a cohort:

  1. You will be expected to complete two lessons per week. This includes watching the course videos, completing the questions in the workbook, and if possible, digging into additional resources recommended at the end of each lesson.
  2. You will be part of a private discussion group with your cohort where you can share thoughts, ask questions, and discuss content.
  3. You will have the opportunity to join in a live Zoom call with other members, led by our Sexual Discipleship Program Manager or a trained SD Certified Leader, each week during the cohort.

The cohort will end after all lessons are completed (after 7 weeks), and you should be fully prepared to take your course quiz! 

See the Event Calendar for upcoming cohorts.

*Cohorts are for SD members only. If you’re not a member, you can sign up here.

“My Cohort consists of people who yearn for Truth, transparency, and transformation. As we seek Truth about all that surrounds our individual sexuality through the metaphor of God’s covenant love for us, expressing our thoughts and questions, I receive overflowing benefits of His freedom and revelation. Thank you to my virtual community for keeping it real and safe!”

Renee Edwards
SD Member

“Sexual Discipleship® has been so helpful in identifying false narratives from the culture on sexuality as well helping me to continue to build a framework for living out and communicating a Biblical narrative. The cohort has helped me in navigating conversations in my ministry as well as keeping it at the front of my mind as something I need to continue to walk through with college students that I’m ministering to. Just this week a college senior that I disciple shared with me that she had a conversation with freshman about God’s design for sexuality. She shared how it was such a encouraging conversation and that the freshman had never talked to anyone about sexuality in that way before. I was so encouraged and hopeful to see disciples making disciples who are intentional to share a holistic view on God’s design for sexuality.”

College Minister
SD Member