Java Packs

Java Pack: Sexuality Meets Discipleship

Our culture is adept at sexual discipleship. Have you noticed? In every media outlet imaginable, we are confronted with an aggressive message of how to think about marriage, sexual activity, and sexual identity. Even Christians are far more likely to think like the world on sexual issues because we have been trained to do so. The culture is sexually discipling us, forming our opinions and worldview on everything sexual.

What would happen if Christian parents and the Christian community were committed to defining, teaching, and modeling a biblical sexual worldview? What if several times a day, we were given positive messages and examples of God’s beautiful design? This is where biblical sexuality meets discipleship.

This Java Pack includes:

  • #160: Why God Created You to Be Sexual
  • #166: We’re All Sexually Broken
  • #235: How the Purity Movement Hurt Us
  • #236: Pursue Wholeness, Not Purity
  • #196: Public Me v. Private Me
  • #216: Do You Have An Agenda?
  • Bonus Material! Our Bodies Tell God’s Story

This Java Pack is only accessible through a Sexual Discipleship® membership.

Java Pack: Conversations That Heal

A Christian leader’s guide to addressing sexual pain.

As Christians, we often spend a lot of time debating what we should believe about sexuality. We may devote some time to ensuring we are personally honoring God with our own sexual choices. However, we often spend little to no time wrestling through how to represent the heart of Jesus as we interact with people with whom there is disagreement or tension. I believe it is imperative, both within the Christian church and outside her walls, to be able to engage in tough conversations about sexual pain and brokenness. ~ Juli Slattery

In this selection of Java with Juli episodes, you’ll be equipped to begin addressing sexual pain as a Christian leader and understand why that begins by addressing it in your own heart.

This Java Pack includes:

  • #264: You, Too, Can Help #MeToo
  • #300: Christians Struggle with Sexual Addiction Too
  • #288: Max Lucado says #MeToo
  • #232: When Abuse Happens At Church
  • #277: Children, Teens, and Sexual Abuse
  • #297: Finding Freedom from Sexual Brokenness

This Java Pack is only accessible through a Sexual Discipleship® membership.