Jason Soucinek

Executive Director of Project Six19

Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Author & Speaker

Christian Sexuality: The Authority of God and Scripture

  • Keynote
  • May 5 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

This lesson from the Christian Sexuality course addresses this big idea: if a person is not clear on who their authority is, there’s no point inviting them to follow a Christian sexual ethic. We must be clear on who our authority is, and as Christians, that is God. This lesson will discuss how God, as our good creator and designer, has revealed to us his plan for sexual flourishing through the Scriptures.

Watch this pre-recorded lesson with Joy Skarka and Jason Soucinek, and during the live airing, use the chat feature to share insights, observations, or ask questions.

Christian Sexuality is a 12-part, video based, comprehensive discipleship training to help youth pastors, leaders, and mentors engage their youth in one of the most important conversations of this age: Christian Sexuality. If you would like to purchase the full training series, Equip attendees can receive bonus interviews and stories. Use one of these two links to get this offer: Pastors' packet: https://courses.christian-sexuality.com/courses/for-pastors-bonus, or Parent's packet: https://courses.christian-sexuality.com/courses/for-parents-bonus.

Repeats of this Session

May 5 2021 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM