What time zone will the digital summit follow?

The Equip leader summit schedule will follow the U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) zone.

What if I can't watch all of the sessions offered during Equip? Will I have access to the sessions after the summit is over?

Because of the amount of content being shared during Equip, we do not expect most people to get through it all. We do encourage you to plan your days so that you can watch the sessions that are most important to you. The summit space will remain open for an additional three days (through Sunday, May 9) to allow extra time for viewing on the weekend. Once it ends, you can get access to the majority of the content (plus a lot more!) through a Sexual Discipleship membership.

How will I access the digital summit?

You will be sent an email from SexualDiscipleship.com the afternoon before the start of the event (on May 2nd) letting you know the event space is open. This email will provide a prominent Access Event button and will include your Access Code to enter the summit.

You will also need your log in information that you created when registering for the event. You will log into your SexualDiscipleship.com account and use your access code to enter the summit space.

Everything will be hosted on our website. Although content will not be available for viewing on May 2, this early access will allow you some time to log in and look around.

What if someone else registered me for Equip?

That person will need to assign you a ticket from the account they set up when registering. That will trigger an email to be sent to you and you will need to accept the assignment. Then, use the link in the email to complete your personal event registration online.  Doing this will create a SexualDiscipleship.com account, which all attendees of Equip will need in order to access the event.

Can I submit a question for the live Q & A panels? If so, how do I do that?

Yes! You may submit an anonymous question for Dr. Juli Slattery and our panel of experts at any time. Questions will be answered in the daily (Mon-Thu) Q & A panels. To see what topic they are addressing each day, please refer to the session descriptions. To submit a question, you may text it at any time to: (216) 236-5305. Then tune in at 12:30pm ET each day on the main stage to hear Equip's expert panelists answer as many questions as they can in one hour. (If you miss the session, the recording will be posted in the evening on-demand sessions.)

What if I can't watch a live event? Will a recording be made available for later viewing?

Yes! If you can't watch a live event, you will have the opportunity to watch the recording at a later time. The recordings will be added the same day they were aired (later in the afternoon) and can be found under "Breakout Sessions" in the main menu. They will then be available for viewing for the duration of the event.

Are the on-demand sessions only available during the time listed on the schedule?

No, once sessions are played during their scheduled time, they will be available for the duration of the event. During their scheduled time, there will be a live chat feature available to share insights, observations, or questions with other attendees, but this feature will go away once that scheduled time is over.

Who do I contact if I have a technical problem? Or, have a question about the event?

You may email info@sexualdiscipleship.com with technical questions or any other questions about the event.